Olive oils

Seeking out great olive oils

At Vins i Olis del Priorat we are passionate about extra virgin olive oil from the region as we often forget that great soils not only make great wines. We can choose from a wide selection of fruits grown here which are flavoursome, tasty, intense and different. Priorat olive oils are exceptional and we try to keep up-to-date and seek out all oils (be their producers still small and unknown) which will add a sparkle to the best-laid tables around.

Under the auspices of the P.D.O Siurana quality assurance mark, Priorat County extra virgin olive oils offer differentiated and unique profiles of flavours and aromas. It is quite logical as the same way different terroirs make for different wines, so too do they for olive oils.

Priorat County olive oils are a world waiting to be discovered and are often unknown. These are oils full of character and intensity and yet with many secondary flavours depending on their exact provenance within the county. It is important to know that there are parts of Priorat County (such as Cabacés, Margalef and la Bisbal de Falset) where they make more olive oil than they do wine and where ancient olive trees are treasured and stand as witness to the passing of time.

Even though our main olive variety is the much-praised Arbequina variety, there are many others such as Farga, Rojal, Morrut or Sevillenca. There are even incredible blends of these varieties.

It is not a coincidence then that high end producers tend to export a large part of their production and have been gaining accolades and winning awards in competitions all over the world.