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If tasting wines and olive oils from Priorat is a good way of getting to know the region, tasting them in situ is even better. We suggest you took a closer look at Priorat and enjoyed a more complete adventure: taking part in tastings and food & wine pairings which we organise occasionally at the store and elsewhere as well as touring wineries and olive mills to get to know how these high quality products are made. In short, let yourselves be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the Priorat…

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    To simply say that Priorat is striking with its terraced vineyards, medieval villages, and rugged natural landscape is an understatement. The scenery is matched only by the world class wines that emerge from old and new vineyards that produce incredibly small amounts of grapes each year and in doing so make incredibly elegant, nuanced wines.

    These tours are by Miquel. To book, please write to Carrer Major 19, Gratallops, Priorat, Spain 43737

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    Montsant is the younger sibling to Priorat and it wraps around the older, emblematic Catalan region with a loving embrace. It holds a great variety of wines ripe for discovery made by local families who have been working these lands literally for centuries.